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TRS Evelyn Gown Jewel

The Evelyn Gown Jewel is one of the dress available at the TRS booth over at the Dazzle October event and it is a stunning black slim fit dress with a row of jewel on the waist. 

The sleeveless dress is a nice addition to Kitty's black wardrobe simply because this is a simple but elegant dress that is suitable for many occasions and even though the background of the black fabcric, the gold thread on the chest as well as the jewels shines brightly as shown even in this dim light.

Here is the back view of the Evelyn Gown Jewel which is a sexy back show off. There are also multiple versions of this for various mesh bodies so you are definitely find one that fits your need.

You can only get the Evelyn Gown Jewel at $99L over at the Dazzle event because this is an exclusive item. So do not miss it as this will end in October:

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