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Smooching Serpents Little Sister

It is time to bring the Arachnophobia back! Do you remember the Spider from Smooching Serpent Kitty played with a while ago:

Now, there is another version named Little Sister. And this is not a child's play!

The Little Sister comes with a lot of web more than the previous Spider and it supports FORCE EXP capture as well! There is no better trap than a big spider!

The Little Sister spider is also in high detail allowing you to make changes to its design as well. One new feature is that you can even turn on Stealth mode and there goes the spider, but not the web!

There are plenty of couple animation including tease, comfort and of course punishment such as whipping. Notice that the spider is not visible now!

Little Sister feature 2 groups of animation, one of which is the hanging from the wall as you had seen and this set is the one on the floor. Now that is not the right way to get some upskirt photo!

There are plenty to do even when the victim is pinned down on the floor with the web. And at least this is one good way to have someone listen to you once in a while.

This is how a naughty girl should be punished, with lots of spanking and there is no escape from the sticky webs of the Little Sister.

Get the Little Sister from marketplace at $699L now:

Visit the Smooching Serpent Main Store for a display of the powers of Little Sister:

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