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Smooching Serpents Harvest Moon

Not to be confused with the kiddo game of the same name, Smooching Serpents' Harvest Moon is a serious scare for this Halloween that comes in the form of a scarecrow in the cornfield.

It all starts with a harmless innocent scarecrow... But of course if you prefer a more sinister looks, there are always several scarecrow to choose from and you can even change the color of the eyes and make it glow in terror. Even the cornfield is optional! But this is definitely not the Wizard of Oz!

If you had enable the EXP experience by Smooching Serpent, the scarecrow can perform auto catch once it is armed and you can snare your victim once she is close by and with magic, the scarecrow is replaced by victim. Ok, now let me down.. I am just demonstrating... 

Now that's better. Let me help this poor innocent girl out of her thick wet clothes. There are lots of imitate animated poses for interaction before the real punishment begins.

This is that happen to bad girls and the spanking is one of the cool thing you can do with Harvest Moon. With realistic animation from Smooching Serpents, this spanking under the pale moonlight will never be the same!

There are a lot of other adult animation which you can choose from to enhance you roleplay experience and even the toys are automatically attached when required! If you get lazy, there is even a sequence which you can activate and have the animation automatically transit in a story mode.

Good news, buy fast! The Harvest moon is on a discounted price of only $399L on the marketplace:

Or visit Smooching Serpents store for a "demo" experience:

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