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Smooching Serpent Heatwave

The Heatwave is Smooching Serpent latest addition to this hot summer! It is a surfboard and obviously it is more as well. This could be the best surfboard you can get in SL as it not only support lots of great poses from Smooching Serpent, but also feature support for Forced EXP and RLV, all without the need for poseballs!

The Heatwave surfboard comes loaded with design you can choose from and on top of that, you can also adjust the light, glow as well as gloss on the board as well. This works out of the box with all SL water as well, giving it real float and action sequence. 

Whether you are alone on with a partner, there are poses for all sort of moods. Enjoy some fun splashing of water or a romantic surf with on heatwave. 

The Heatwave is also loaded with realistic action sequence and even if you do not plan on doing anything dirty on the board, there are plenty of great motion captured poses for a sun tan or simple just a cocktail listening to the waves. 

Of course, the most important thing is that this surfboard actually can surf. Find a place with good water and you are on the surf of your life with the real feel of riding the waves without getting actually wet.

The Heatwave is easy to store as well, once you get off, it will be nicely parked vertically and you can either keep it or leave it and come back to it again. And with all the menus and poses, you would expect a lot of prim taken up, but it is only 9 LI!

There are lots of playful moment Kitty has on the Heatwave. Isn't this the best way to cool down in this hot days?

The Heatwave is available on the marketplace at $1199L:

Or see it live in the Smooching Serpent store:

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