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Silent Halloween Hunt 2018

What is the one town that send shivers down your spines? I bet the answer is Silent Hill. Relive you nightmare this Halloween with the new Hunt from The Silent Hill Experience where you will go to familiar places in Silent Hill (imagine the siren and ashes...) and you will meet deadly creatures such as the scissors nurse, well, lucky for Kitty, I think she had misplaced her scissors. Whats more is that there is a quest where you will have to collect 12 photos to reconstruct a important clue where you will find the grand prize! Get the big picture? (Wink, Double Wink)

Finally here after taking a crazy subway that crashed. Everything looks good. No zombies yet. Not even zombies dogs (but trust me, you will meet them!). Alright? Let's move before the fogs comes in...

Aha. A map. Very helpful. Guess Kitty will just take a picture of it with my cellphone. This really looks like the same Silent Hill Kitty visit years ago. I guess old evil never really dies.

Crazy bunnies. Insane Themepark and much more. Get ready for the ride of your lifetime. It's dark? Of course it is! This is Silent Hill, not Sunny Hill! If you want a closer look come join Kitty. Just not too close... You never know if something is truly dead...

While it is not obvious, but you need a HUD to start playing this. In whichever order you receive the notes, you need to find Amy. And she is in the hospital. Find her and you will get your Hunt HUD. From there you will wear the HUD and it will look like this. DO NOT take off the HUD at any point no matter how scare you are. You will need this to claim your prize at the end.

Not very obvious hint:
When in doubt, always go deeper, especially after some good food, watch your steps as you go out of the door or you can be in deep trouble... or not.

The more obvious one:
Listen to the radio instead of looking down on the floor. What are you looking for? Sewer Covers?

Start you hunt today:

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