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Severed Garden Lolita Creepy

It's Halloween soon and have you picked up your outfit? Severed Garden had the Creepy version of Lolita for a while and Kitty feel that it is about time she try it out!

To bring in the whole Halloween feel, the Lolita Creepy is stained with blood from dress to toe! The blood stained dress is a special version of the Lolita out fit which can be purchase separately or if you get the FATPACK, you will have them all including this Creepy edition. Now, what a lonely asylum this is... What? Sisters? I do not see any sisters? Where are they?... 

Here is a close up so you can see the dress in detail. You will also notice the face web also comes with spiders for this special version and the headdress is decorated with dying roses. Perfect for the Halloween. Shhh. What is that sound... Does it come from the morgue? What? Did you see that just opened on its own?...

To top it all, the Lolita Creepy also comes with a special version of the parasol stained with blood. Now, let's join Kitty on the swing, ok? What it is taken, but its just swinging in the wind right? A creepy boy? No, Kitty saw nothing...

The Lolita Creepy can be purchase on the marketplace:

Or visit Severed Garden today for the Lolita Creepy and other great outfit:

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