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Petit Chat 7Bands Bracelet

Petit Chat has a new bracelet release for The Chapter Four event and it is a bracelet that not only comes with one or two, but seven bands and if you get the FATPACK, you can actually customized the colors of each bracelet! 

This is the 7Bands Bracelet HUD for the FATPACK and as Kitty mentioned, you can choose from all the 4 available colors for each of the band.

The bracelet comes with left and right, allowing you to customize them separately. Do you think this looks great on Kitty? Kitty think this bracelet is fun and suitable for all purposes. 

Here is one of Kitty's customization. If you prefer a single color, that is also available and it is much lower in price as well.

The 7Bands Bracelet is available over at The Chapter Four event now:

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