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Moonstar Red Masquerade Gown

The Red Masquerade Gown from Moonstar is a sexy red dress that comes complete with a masquerade mask, red heels as well as a stunning necklace!

As you can imagine, this would be the perfect dress for that ballroom night! Not only is the dress fitting for the occasion, it is definitely going to catch some attention! The smooth feel of the red laces and shiny metallics from belt as well as the necklace is going to sparkle like stars in the dark night.

Even though this is a formal dress, it doesn't mean you cannot have some fun with it. Such as having a fine dinner. The mask is nicely fitted without getting in the way and the whole red themed outfit seems to fit perfectly for the decorations for this candle light dinner by the sea. Care to join in?

The Red Masquerade Gown is exclusively available at the Dazzle October Moonstar booth at only $180L:

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