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LR Thorell Bow

This month, LR is having another 2 new weapons for the We Love Roleplay event and the Thorell Bow is one of them. This is a beautifully crafted bow which comes with a HUD.

The HUD looks very much like other HUD from LR and it not only allow you to resize the bow, it also allow you to make changes to the textures and colors as required.

The bow is armored from the front, with 3 interlaced metal pieces and is curved at the center for optimize grip. It also feature all the anti cheating and performance optimization from LR as well to make this not only a beautiful bow, but also a very dangerous one.

The optional quiver can be worn on your thigh and look at the details of those feathers on the arrows! The leather pouch is well secured and despite its looks, you will never drop an arrow from here. Trust Kitty, she had tested it.

When sheath the bow sit nicely on your back, out of the way of everything else. There is also another pouch of arrows attached here during sheath as well. There is another sheath option which does not come with the quiver.

Visit the We Love Roleplay event and get the Thorell Bow now at 25% off:

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