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LR Crimson Sword

The Crimson Sword is LR latest weapon on sale at the We Love Roleplay event.  

When sheathed, the swords sits comfortably by your side. The left sword is optional though, both sheath or drawn. Alternatively you can also use the shield in place of the sword. All of the items can be customized with the included HUD.

As you can see there are many parts you can make changes to for the Crimson sword. And shield. 

When drawn, the Crimson sword can be drawn together with the shield, giving you both attack and defense at 1 command. Look at how long the sword is. Well, of course you can change it if you want to using the HUD.

The other option is to go full offensive (although some sims would not allow left hand weapon as well) and forgo the shield. This will really be dangerous with 2 swords.

This review will not be complete without showing you the nice Red deco on the sword (there is a white version as well) which is probably what gives the sword its name.

And the great news is that the Crimson Sword is at 25% discount over at the We Love Roleplay event now:

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