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Ezmerelda's Dolls Ebony Feline Mask

The Ebony Feline Mask from Ezmerelda's Dolls is a highly detailed and customizable mask that comes in 2 version, one to be wore on your face and another which you can hold in your hand during the party, especially when you need to drink or eat.

The mask comes with a really cute HUD. The HUD even looks like a cat with many options and in case you are too overwhelmed with options, there are 10 presets on the top you can just click and try out, all carefully selected by the creator!

Here is the Meow from Kitty with the Ebony Feline Mask. Did you notice the high detail of the texture as well as the laces and decoration! This would be one of the best mask for the masquerade party!

Need a breather? No worries, the mask can be held on your hand and look at how elegant it is with the holding rod. In fact you can even configured the hand held version to be different for some creativity.

The Ebony Feline Mask will be available at the October Dazzle event over at the Ezmerelda Optera booth at $150L:

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