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Bare Rose Villian Gitalion Lady

There are a few version of Gitalion Lady, but this is perhaps the most colorful one of them all. The Villian Gitalion Lady comes with everything you see here and Kitty is so excited about this that she could not wait for the Maitreya version to show you this.

Let's start this outfit with a heroic back view, where you can see the cape like skirt swing in the wing as Kitty get ready for action. Wait, this is the "Villian" right? Well, even Villians has their heroic moments! But back to the outfit, you can see the snake like belt from here and you can imagine why this would be the Villian Gitalion Lady.

And here is a close up of the front, with the colorful mask. There are also flowery decorations on the sleeves as well as chest plates. Yes, there is another snake in the front as well!

Oh wait, did you hear that? It is a call for help. This is the deciding moment where you want to be a Villian or not! Do you know what would Kitty do? (To Be Continue...)

But seriously, the Villian Gitalion Lady is available at the Bare Rose Main Store at only $190L:

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