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Bare Rose Toyouke Mr

The Toyouke is a flashy red and black outfit from Bare Rose decorated with a detail emblem and it comes with the Mr which is the Maitreya version now!

The Toyouke comes with everything you see here from head to toe, including the headdress, gloves and sandals, all perfectly fitted for the Maitreya. The long dress consisted of a layered red pieces, running along the sides, like the unopened petals of a flower. This version also includes the one-equip Maitreya Autohide from Bare Rose! The cute red sandals is also coupled with the black sock, giving your feet an elegant invisible look.

Here is a close up where you can see the flower decorations on the waist, chest as well as various pieces on the dress itself. The headdress looks like an royal crown with a sun ray back drop. The golden shines of these pieces is the perfect combinations with the dark red and black outfit.

If you think the Toyouke is covering way too much of your beautiful skin, let's take a look at the sexy back and you will notice there is plenty of space for show off. The back of the Toyouke is plain, but perfectly shaped so it is never dull as a outfit for any occasion!

Get your Bare Rose Toyouke today and check out the various version available:

P.S. Toyouke also comes in other different colors as well.

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