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Bare Rose Hula Dancer Mr

It's Hawaii time and definitely the time to get into some straw skirts and make Aloha with music and ... well drinks! Bare Rose latest Hula Dancer Mr is the perfect Aloha experience for this Autumn!

Well come to Hawaii! Look at Kitty form head to toe! She is ready to dance! The Hula Dancer even comes with a cute pair of shoes with flowers on it! 

If you are not in the mood to start with the dance, come join Kitty in the beach! The straw skirt can always be put aside and there is a nice bikini bottom inside, all geared for the beach!

If you are ready, go pick up your Hula Dancer and join in the fun! There is no time to be wasted!

The Hula Dancer Mr is the Maitreya version, but you should be able to find other version of the Hula Dancer if required at Bare Rose Main Store:

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