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AvaGirl Falcon Angel

AvaGirl has a rather interesting outfit for sale at the Dazzle event this October. This is the Falcon Angel which contains several parts, including armbands, boots, wings, head band as well as the main outfit itself. Kitty had verified that although this was not a new release from AvaGirl, the wings supports Bento!

A bomb right in the middle of the town? This sound like a job for Falcon Girl! Kitty put on the Falcon Angel outfit over her Maitreya and it fits perfectly. In fact, there are several options for different mesh as well as size for the various parts of the outfit!

Oh dear, a flooded carnival! Let's hope nobody is hurt! This sound like the perfect time to have the Falcon Angel to the rescue. Here, you get a complete view of the Wings from the back! And it even moves because it is Bento!

Here is a close up of the outfit. You can see the head piece with the wings as well as the shiny chest plates and high detail arm and leg bands. There are even daggers on them!

The Falcon Angel is available at the AvaGirl booth at the Dazzle event at $349L:

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