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AvaGirl Celeste

The Celeste from AvaGirl is a sexy lingerie robe which really stretches the boundary of comfy vs sexy. Although the robes look complex, there is actually only 2 parts mainly. One of which is the long black silky robe and the other part is the mesh body applier.

Everyone deserve some comfortable time on bed, be it reading, or enjoying a snack while watching TV. The applier from Celeste would give you just that. Choose the right applier for your mesh and you will be in the comfortable body fitting lingerie in no time. The unique butterfly wings design on the chest as well as top of the stockings give the simple applier the complexity just enough to balance it. 

If you need to take a small walk in the morning, there is always the option of putting on the robe and you will be ready. This is extremely comfortable looking and the outfit would cover your beautiful body just enough so that it is not indecent. But that certainly did not take away the seductive looks of the outfit.

This is a close up of the butterfly. So are you coming or not? The morning sun won't wait!

You can get the Celeste over at the AvaGirl store at only $149L:

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