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AvaGirl Black Raven

The Black Raven is another outfit on sale at the Dazzle event from AvaGirl. This outfit looks similar to the Falcon Angel and also features similar Bento wings.

Since this is the Black Raven, Kitty is going to try to showcase this in a darker theme. Well, a photo shoot at the cemetery would definitely be a way to start. This is a very sexy outfit as the top is made out of feather which are barely covering! But that is the whole point right? 

Wait, put me down! Why would anyone trap Kitty in such a pretty outfit? The Black Raven also feature wrinkle free leather corset and boots! And you need not worry about Kitty because there are daggers on the arm and leg band for Kitty to free herself. If it comes to that. 

If all that seems too dark, here is a slightly brighter photo taken in the dust light. You can clearly see the feather top piece as well as the dangerous dagger here. So, are we ready to go to the midnight party or not? The carriage is waiting!

You can get the mysterious Black Raven at the Dazzle event this October over by the AvaGirl Booth:

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