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AvaGirl Aya

The outfit Aya from AvaGirl is one sexy kimono that is high recommended especially when a HUD that allow so much customization to the various parts, including the kimono itself, the sash and band and even the panties can be changed to any color you desire from the HUD.

Look at the rainbow arrays of colors available. You practically have a whole wardrobe of kimono with just this one piece! Well, technically it is 6 pieces as it comes with support for different mesh bodies including Slink and Maitreya!

It would be impossible to show you all the colors combinations, but at least Kitty can show you her favorite black vs red! Notice the little knots on the belt, that is tied with good care and Kitty assure you it will not come off! Does Kitty look like a deadly Kunoichi now? (P.S. That is female ninja!) 

If the dark arts is not your type, you can always try the bright colorful red for a change and notice how silky shine the kimono is. Kitty assure your it is of great quality and does not tear easily. Not even in the jungle!

If it has to be sexy, then there is not better way to do it in the water! Notice how well blended the yellow kimono is with the fallen leaves. Do you want to come join Kitty for a swim?

Although the kimono is only 1 piece in the inventory, it does not mean you have to wear all the parts of it. If you had notice on the HUD, right on the first row, it is possible to remove some parts of the Aya outfit. This is one of the minimum setting with just the dress and the belt. Well, who's looking? Sometimes, it may be just great to let your hair down and run wild in the jungle!

AvaGirl is located on a new sim now and you should be able to get your very own Aya at $199L complete with HUD:

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