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Bare Rose Fairy of Cattleya

The Fairy of Cattleya from Bare Rose is a flowery outfit and if you ever had a dream of being a fairy this is the dream come true part!

Which fairy doesn't has wings? Definitely not the Fairy of Cattleya because not only is the wing shaped like a giant petal, it is also transparent which you can see clearly from this photo. Can you spot the hidden bunny face? 

The Mr version of the Fairy of Cattleya is made for the Maitreya body, but this comes for other version as well. It is easy to fit on without modification, just a simply applier and wear the AutoHide!

And here is a close up of the outfit where you can see the nice headpiece made of flowers as well as the fairy ears. Those are of course optional, but it comes with the outfit at no additional charges!

Join Kitty among the flowers by getting your own Fairy of Cattleya from Bare Rose main store:

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