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Petit Chat Cute Balloons

I suppose most of us had the chance to play with a balloon at some point of time and still remember the fun from it. Petit Chat is out to recreate that dream with the latest Cute Balloons collection which features lots and lots of combinations available!

There is no HUD required for the balloons! Just click on it to make changes to the colors! Make the wildest color come alive in the wind. Just make sure you hold on tight to it!

There are 2 main type of balloons, one with the mix colors and this one with a cute face. Does it look lonely, well, it won't be if it has you as a friend!

There are 3 types of strings position to choose from and all of them feel really natural, especially in the photo! Do you want to hold on to it for a little while? 

And why stop at one when you can have 2! The different position all you to hold more balloons too. Just make sure its not too much until your feet lift off the ground!

Grab your Cute Balloons now before they all fly away at the Petit Chat booth at The Chapter Four event:

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