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Moonstar Mondrian

The Mondrian outfit at the Dazzle event is from the sponsor Moonstar and it features leggings, a customizable top of 6 texture, boots as well as matching bangles.

This is the Blue top which is one of Kitty's first choice given the flashy combination. You can see the tight fitting leggings with the black boot gives it a perfect blend of the basic colors of Black, Yellow, Red and Blue palette. 

The Red top on the other hand is a flashy display of you passionate personality and it outshine most things including the powerful lighthouse, even on a sunny day at beach. 

There is always the option to have the matching top and leggings if you prefer as it is one of the 6 texture you can choose from with the simple HUD. Notice the bangles  also comes in the matching colors to give it a coherent feel.

Kitty cannot miss the Black top which is perfect for her hair and tail! Notice even the colors of the top is based on the palette and black is as elegant as it can get. Who is this mysterious girl sitting by the pier?

The Moonstar Mondrian is available at the Dazzle event which features lots of other products based on Mondrian design as well. Look for the Moonstar booth:

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