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Moonstar Abstract Artist

Ever wonder if you can wear a piece of art and still looks fashionable? This is exactly what the Abstract Artist from the Dazzle sponsor Moonstar provides! Why only admire it when you can wear it?

There are 4 abstract art texture you can choose from with the simple HUD as shown above and Kitty is going to show you all of them.

Instead of bright daylight, Kitty has decided to do a night shoot for this outfit to emphasis how much it shines with its brilliant colors even in the pale moonlight. This is the first and classic Mondrian palette and as you can see, the colors is as flashy as you can see it in the day! 

If you prefer a splash of colors, there is always this version with a mix of colors over the white dress and yes, this is a perfect night dress as it gives you a chance to show off your great shoulders and asset. 

This is as artistic as it can get, showing off all the various palette. Kitty almost feels like she is the flowers among the grass already. 

Not all art has to be flashy and there is this brown yellow texture which is great for some quiet moments. Notice there is a matching bangles too, but it is entirely optional. Kitty has decided that this will be the outfit for this weekend's visit to the art museum!

Get the Abstract Artist from Moonstar booth at the Dazzle event now and Kitty will promise you it will not cost a bomb:

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