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LR Leather Whip

Once in a while, you might encounter some situation where there is a need for a whip... such as... Maybe someone is pointing a gun at you! Indy proved that whip is always faster. As such, if you want to get a whip, why not get one that actually does some damage? Introducing the LR Leather whip. This is one unique weapon you do not see often!

This looks like a dangerous place! Better keep the whip handy. In fact, its right there by your side when sheathed. Of course, since Kitty is wearing a big dress, she could hide it if she wanted to... But then you wont be able to see it right?

A torture wheel. Seems like a good place to practice whipping! Like usual, this feature a LR very fast draw action and before you know it, you are already dealing some serious damages! Especially when the victim is wearing one of the supported HUD! Talk about realistic RP!

They said discipline must be taught. Sometimes the hard way. Maybe some whipping will change your mind about going against Kitty. Oh looks like a victim is available for some "target practice". I hope he realized this does real damages...

There are a few whips over at LR, but this is the Leather Whip. Fancy anything else? Take your pick:

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