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LR Avenger Shield

This is one shield Kitty is really going to have lots of fun blogging! Why? Because the Avenger Shield is so cute and it even comes with animals faces! As this is a gacha, you will not know what you will get, there are 9 shields in plain colors,but still they comes with a HUD for small changes.

The HUD allow you to make changes to the color, the rim of the shield as well as resizing them to your need!

This is one of Kitty's favorite. Sheathed, the shield sit nicely over your back... Oh no, there is a gorilla running wild, looks like its time for Captain Panda to roll into action!

The shield can be big or small and although it would seems like it is a possible idea to use it as a umbrella, this is more like the time it was lucky to be big as the rhino is about to charge in! 

This is one of the rare from the gacha and it looks like a pig. Maybe the tiger will be confused enough for Kitty to sneak up on it and blok him on the head with... something. Opps. You mean tiger eats piggy? Oh no.... Better make a break for it....

The Avenger Shield will be on sale at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival for one last time. If you like it, get it now before it is gone forever:

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