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Fortuna Jewelry Set Fleur


Fortuna has another jewelry set at the Dazzle Event and this time, it is a majestic set named Fleur fit for a princess! 

The HUD allows you to make changes to the little gems, petals as well as the metal giving you a total of 192 combinations! 

One of the feature of this set is that it has non particles sparkle which can be seen clearly on the necklace as well as the earrings. Kitty had configured a set with black metal and dark red petals. Do you think it looks good even in the dark?

How about a set with yellow petals instead? The shine is never out done even by the setting sun. Note take you can also custom the pieces separately by not wearing then piece by piece and making the selection.

And here is a close up of the jewelry set with a magenta petals and golden chains. It feels really natural without trying too hard!

The jewelry set Fleur can be purchased at the Fortuna Booth at Dazzle as a full set or separately:

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