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ello Sabrina

The Sabrina dress from ello (who is also a sponsor at the Dazzle event for August) comes with a ruffle top and a huge array of colors for customization of the 6 different sections of the dress.

The HUD allow you to make changes to the ruffle, dress, belt as well as stripe giving a total of 380 combination!

Kitty will start with a Black and Red combo since these are her favorite colors! Look at how fantastic the black vs white can be on the ruffle? 

Let's try Black and White instead then? The contrast is fantastic. Do you notice the sexy stripes over at the thigh? And the textured belt simply look marvelous together with the black dress.

There are plenty of other color combinations to try out for the Sabrina and Kitty just randomly pickec something that is not so bright but it is still just as brilliant. The golden belts stands out pretty fine on the magenta dress with blue top.

Drop by at the ello Booth over at the Dazzle Event to get your very own Sabrina (and there is a free gift to be picked up too!):

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