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Cinque Artamon Dress

The Artamon Dress is one of the featured dress from Cinque at the Dazzle August Event and it comes in 4 fantastic colors which Kitty is going to show you all of them here!

The Black top Artamon is a real show off for the Mondrian palette on the mini skirt and it is both casual and sophisticated. Perfect for the summer or a random visit to the giraffes. Hope they like it as much as we do. 

This is the front of the Blue version, indicative from the straps on the chest and belt area with ribbon. It is extremely cooling in this hot summer!

The Red version is paired with a blue top and it blends perfectly, giving emphasis to the Red Blue and Yellow fuse of colors on the skirt. You know its art when you see it!

The Yellow is one of the very stunning one with its golden shine on the belt. Everyone will definitely notice the ribbon now! Which is your favorite?

The Artamon Dress is available at the Dazzle event now at only $100L each:

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