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Bare Rose Tartan Bard Lady

The Tartan Bard Lady C3 is a fantasy themed mesh outfit from Bare Rose which is a black version of the Tartan Bard and it is best fitted for the sound of music this autumn!

The texture of the Tartan Bard is fantastic detailed from the head to toe. There are 2 Lute you can hold on to, one on the back very much sling and the other held in the hand which comes with a series of poses. Kitty is dancing and playing with the Lute like she is a female version of Slash.

Here you can see the back view of the Lute better and notice the transparency on the split dress. This definitely make Bard Kitty a valuable member of the party, even if she does not have a weapon.

The hat is always optional and can be taken off for a cup of coffee anytime. Here you can see the various decorations on the thigh, kneelcap as well as top dress. The golden silk on the black fabric shines more than ever.

You can find the Tartan Bard Lady at the latest board over at Bare Rose Main Store:

And at a unbelievable price of $190L only!

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