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Bare Rose Jade Lily Ghost

Want to do some haunting of your own, especially on the upcoming Halloween? The Jade Lily Ghost from Bare Rose is exactly the right outfit for that. Kitty will show you on the Maitreya version how to be a great ghost! 

Stranger. Why are you entering the woods at such an hour. Turn back. This is my warning. Yes, if you notice, Kitty's legs is actually hovering above ground (flying). Under the pale moonlight, The Jade Lily Ghost can transform you into the most spooky ghost with the high detail dress and a mysterious veil over your face.

Here is a close up of the Jade colored dress under normal light and you can see the translucent veil give the outfit the really ghastly look. Of course if you prefer to go to a ball dance and not scare everyone off, the veil can be really optional. Now, since Kitty had scared everyone off the library, start looking for that dark forbidden spell book!

You can find the Jade Lily Ghost Mr at Bare Rose Main Store:

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