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Petit Chat Ear Button

The Ear Button from Petit Chat comes in 4 version and a FAT pack including all of them.  It consists of 2 type of seashells, a flower and a cute heart. 

All the version include a HUD which allow you to change the metal as well as the color of the item itself. Can you see that despite the big bright red flowers on Kitty's hair, the little Ear Button Flower is still as eye catching in its light blue shine.

The Heart version is a hollow shaped jewelry which can compliment a pair of earrings if you prefer giving you more choices in your outfit. The beauty of the Ear Button is that is it not too big that it become something too prominent. 

There are 2 version of the Seashell and this is one of them in a light color. Can you hear the sound of the wave from the seashell?

Here is a close up of the second version of the Seashell in light cyan. It does make you want to dig up your mermaid outfit and try it with the Shell Ear Button doesn't it??

Each of the 4 Ear Button is available at the Petit Chat booth at The Chapter Four now at $45L:

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