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Melt Luana Dress

The Launa Dress from Melt is the second item being sold at the Dazzle Event of July 2018 and it is a one piece full dress with large flowery patterns over the dress available in 12 fantastic colors from a easy to choose HUD included.

Whether you are with a group of friend or just sitting alone, there is always a color that will works well on the Luana Dress. Even in this dark textured version, there is a balance of bright purple and magenta tones from the petals to give it a great balance. 

Here is the HUD where you can choose one of the 12 available colors simply with a click.

Feeling happy and having fun, then there is always a great light tone such as this version with a faded pink background and purple flowers to show off your cheerful aura to every animals in the forest!

There are simply too many great choices of color to show you every single one, but this is another one which Kitty love, with a greenish background and dark reddish tones. It is a simple yet complex combinations suitable for most occasions from a simple outing with friends or just coffee party with Alice in the Wonderland.

The Luana Dress is available at the MElt booth at the Dazzle event at only $150L:

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