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Melt Dharma Dress

The Dharma Dress from Melt is a 2 piece dress that is sexy, cooling and comes with an assorted of colors for you to mix and match the top and dress separately.

From the included HUD you can see that there are a total of 12 color and texture for the top as well as the bottom giving you a total of 144 combinations!

Kitty tried out a simple combinations with a magenta and pink combination to show you how easy it is to match this outfit, even to the extend of a simple walk in the garden allowing her to blend right into the sea of flowers. 

If you want to try something a bit more outstanding, there is always striking combinations such as a purple top with a light cyan. The color combinations give you a cooling effect and even among other bright colors like yellow and red, this will stand out just fine on its own.

There is always other ways to wear this and a black throughout combo is always possible if you want just the quietness to enjoy a Sunday afternoon among the trees and breezes. This close up also allow you to see how the transparent dress made of laces is actually a great choice to looks both cool and sexy at the same time.

Find the Melt store at the Dazzle event and you can get the Dharma Dress for only $150L:

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