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Magic School Student By Free Dove

Kitty is going to the School of Magic and she can't go without some proper outfit that at least make her looks like a princess. So this is another time she headed off getting free items from Free Dove to make this happen! 

All the item literally from head to toe is from Free Dove and kitty did not even pay a cent for it! So if you want to look like a princess, pay attention now! From the bottom, the pair of D & D Fashions & Design Mesh Nina Boots is perfect as it come with a laces of blinking golden straps over the black leader. This should be both durable and royal looking at the same time.

The Dress is from Lara AC Elf Outfit Amara which comes with a series of item including hair and elf ears, but Kitty only put on the dress here and with the HUD, she magically chooses the red color which she love so much. The chest piece of jewelry is TD Lily Necklace which is a large piece of jewelry nobody will miss. Well, if you are a princess, then you should look like the princess! 

The blueish jewelry set including the armband, choker as well as the beautiful crown is from the Zyn Imperial Lotus Set and these definitely give you the royal looks anytime. There is one more piece of item which Kitty use that is free. Yes, it is the hair from Firelight named Axisia and of course it comes with multiple colors. But from the look of it, it does not feel like a free hair right?

All the mentioned items are available at the Free Dove Main Store for free:

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.