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LR Vanaheim Axe

This month LR release the Vanaheim Axe at the We Love Roleplay Event. The Vanaheim Axe is a pair of double Axe with has some shield ability, since it can be used to block an attack too!

A close examination of the include HUD, you an tell there are a lot to be customized and you have full control over not just the texture, but the size of the Axe as well. I guess if you make this small enough you can even make a Tomahawk out of this!

Let's have a look at the Axes sheath safely behind you back. There are 2 sheath option, this is the one without the Buckle, but I guess if you are the huge build type, you might love the buckle! One other thing to note is that did you notice that the Axes are in different color? Yes, you can actually customized them separately but wearing them separately and using the HUD on it.

Although the blades are not as huge as you expected from the huge battle axe, rest assure this is sharp and depending on the version, the damage can reach the Great 45%. Ouch right? Hope you are not getting chopped anytime soon?

Here you can have a closer look at the axe and you can see how detail the strings wraps are. Even the dirt (could it be blood stain) can be seen clearly on it. It does feel a lot lighter to Kitty, but definitely not any less slower because this feature great performance like other LR weapons!

Good news because you can get this at 25% off at $450L at the We Love Roleplay event now:

If you missed the event, you can always get this at full price at the LR Weapon Main Store:

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