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Kitty in Winter Wonderland by Free Dove

Sometimes we always think we need to spend a lot of $L in order to look good, but it has been proven here that it can be done cheap, or even free when Kitty pick up stuff from Free Dove as she dresses up for a visit to the Winter Wonderland!

Kitty will share with you what she took for free to make this happen. But before that, maybe you should hope in to the carriage as the unicorns gallops through the snowy lands. Notice the pink tall sandals which is the Sevyn East Kenya Boots you can pick up from Free Dove. Can you tell that else is free?

Well if you do not want to come in, Kitty is just going to take the whole carriage by herself. Did you notice Kitty changed her hair? Yes, this is a FREE hair! This is the Sentinus Rebeka Hairs and it even comes with a HUD which Kitty had made it dark black with purple tints.

Last but not least, did you notice the silky mini skirt in red and black which is Kitty's favorite! This is yet another free item from Free Dove, the Uncharted Dress.

Get these great items and a lot of others more at The Free Dove:

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.