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Graffitiwear Rain Forest

The Graffitiwear Rain Forest is a fantastic piece of creative works making use of simple 100% natural leaves and flowers to create a beautiful and sexy dress not just great of Jane of the Jungle, but great for everyone who is adventurous enough!

There are 6 choices available on the HUD, but if you check it in details, it is not only the colors of the flowers are different, the leaves are of different tones as well!

The Magenta flowers acts as the buckles for holding the big green leaves in place giving this a truly natural feel that you will never find in any other dress in the market.

If you think all the leaves are green, then there is actually a option that comes with yellow leaves and purple flowers! This is a great additional when you feel like trying something different for a change.

Kitty just have to try out the Red flower version for you because the little flowers on the waist as well as the back are simply eye catching! Here, you can see the leaves wraps perfectly over the Maitreya body and there are options for most other mesh bodies as well. The little vines strings is secured with the red flower over the back to keep the whole dress together, but fully organic, no synthetic material is used in this 100% natural dress!

The Rain Forest is an exclusive from Graffitiwear and you can find it at their booth at the Dazzle July event:

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