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Firelight Olivia Jumpsuit

The simple jumpsuit Olivia from Firelight is another item on sale at the Dazzle event and this comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from.

The first impression of the jumpsuit is the feel of the comfortable fabric and it is well fitted for all casual outings allow you to stretch and jump anyway you like it. It is called a jumpsuit after all!

Here is a break down of the HUD and its available colors if you get the fat pack, otherwise they do come in a pair of 2.

Despite the dark sky, why don't we try something fresh and cheerful such as the magenta Olivia. Kitty is always ready to make a break for it in this jumpsuit should it really rain!

There are a few other colors such as this darker shade of blue which may come in handy in one of those days where bright is not really what you like. Looks like rain might come anytime, maybe you should get yourself a jumpsuit too!

The Olivia Jumpsuit is available at the Dazzle July event at the Firelight booth:

Check out other bargains at the Firelight Main Store:

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