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Firelight Cassie

The Cassie from Firelight is a fabulous looking corset on sale at the Dazzle July event and it comes in 14 shades!

The fat pack will include all 14 colors and other package varies accordingly. Kitty would love to try all but in order to keep the post concise, Kitty will pick 3 of her favorite!

It will never be complete if you have not tried out the Red version of Cassie. It comes in almost all mesh body you can think of and for Kitty, this is her Maitreya which require 0 adjustment! IT fits perfectly. Come, join her as she show you more of this colorful corset with laces.

You can say that this is a dress almost fit for a queen, like in the Victorian times with pretty folds on the mini skirt, zip and strings to tighten the belly and a multi layer vest top on the chest giving it the royal finishing touch! Do you like the Blue version of Cassie? 

Since the HUD includes 14 fantastic colors to choose from, you are not limited to all the bright shades. There is always the Black version of Cassie, this is one of Kitty's favorite. Notice how the detail texture of the dress can be seen even reflecting the light off in the sun shine?

The Cassie is now on sale at the July Dazzle event at $125L per set of 2, or just $350L for the fat pack of all 14! Check it now at the Firelight booth:

Or visit the Firelight Main Store for other great fashion ware:

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