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Storax Tree Dazzle June

Storax Tree has more dazzling items for June at the Dazzle fair and these furnitures related to plants and low in prims!

A chair fused in with plants. That doesn't happen everyday, but it certainly does now. This natural looking chair even has a menu of various PG poses!

Moving into a new home and you need a light? If you have not gotten yours, this is a good bargain! This beautiful Antique Silver White Crystal Chandelier cost only $60L now at the fair!

Nobody can have TOO MANY plants in your house. Some nice potted trumpet flowers is definitely the way to go! This comes in 2 different pots and you if like them both, you can always get BOTH of them!

If you have a jacuzzi out facing the ocean, it is one of the greatest thing. But Kitty can bring it one step further with a Vintage screen that even comes with a small potted plant. Not only is the screen great for privacy, it blocks off some of the unnecessary UV as well. Can you spot Kitty hiding in this photo?

If you are big fan of greater plants, there are always big choices from Storax Tree. These Vintage tall plants comes in the left and right variations and you get 2 pots of flowers free with each as well. One you can put them is along the walkway or simple making a nice entrance to park your boat like what Kitty did here.

Visit Storax Tree at the Dazzle June event now for these great buy:

Or visit Storax Tree Main Store for more great furnitures to build your home:

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