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Smooching Serpents Secretary

Ever feel like you are the boss and you have full control of your secretary, in more than the normal ways? This is your chance to live that fantasy with Smooching Serpents' Secretary! This is a prim table which you can use it as a table and definitely a lot more as it comes with high quality scripts from Smooching Serpents and this is the public piece for the office roleplay.

Let's take a close look at the table and the stuff on it. The main difference the Secretary from other similar furnitures is that the stuff is ACTUALLY useful! On the right, the first time is a clock, which if you clicked on allows you to convert time. This is pretty useful in a world full of people from all over the globe. Next, the table lamp actually could turn on and off. Yes, that was not just a prop! The newspaper includes a magazine and the notebook is... actually a notebook where you can take down notes! Now that is a proper office table.

On the left of the table, the bunch of books are really books which comes free with the table including, Story of O, Days Of Sodom and lots of BDSM Articles. I think that would be lots of reading that can be done.

Now we can talk about the more adult side of the Secretary. The table comes with various option from soft to hard, spanning over the PG side of things including just Office poses of working, meeting, chatting and all for a good office roleplay with or without the adult sections. The adult menu including everything from flirting, spanking to hardcore BDSM with ropes. Here is one of kitty's favorite flirting poses. You want to come and help her with her nail polish or are you just going to stand there?

The opportunity of a spanking on the table is too tempting to pass and the Secretary got that covered complete with the cuffs and bondage if desired. The table act as a perfect punishment rack if it comes to that.

Office romance is not just limited to different sexes, this works perfectly even if you are of the same sex as well! Nothing is really going to stop you from how you want to use the Secretary. Literally.

And as taboo as Office romance is, this is the perfect script for it. Swipe all the stuff onto the floor and just do it! You seen it in the movie, now you live it! I think this is a really fantastic touch!

Bondage or not, the table provides for  a lot of smooth animation for erotic play and plenty of time to not get tired of. There are even a few sequences if you are too lazy to choose!

After a hard day of work or something else, there is always time to just fall back onto the table and sleep like a cat. This doubles as a bed as well if you are  even too lazy to walk over to the bed at the back just like Kitty.

The Secretary is now at $1799L on the marketplace:

Visit Smooching Serpents to try it out:

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