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Mani Pedi Hanayome Polish

The Hanayome nail polish from Mani Pedi is on sale for the Dazzle June event and it is a nice polish that comes with 5 different color palettes for your nails. The supported mesh are Maitreya, Omega (which includes a few astually) as well as Slink.  

Fancy for the deep red, then this is exactly what you see with Kitty putting on now. The nail color comes with 2 parts, with a base color and a more transparent overgrow. The beauty of this is that there is absolutely nothing to wear once you put it on. It is just a simple HUD which look exactly like the poster and you put the applier on your nails. Well that is pretty much the same as what you get in RL right?

If Deep Red is not your thing, there are always lighter shades such as this pinkish one. It feature a similar 2 part color and is just as simple to change anytime you like by just using the HUD.

The Hanayome is available at the Dazzle event and did you know that it literally means "Bride" in Japanese and this is your chance to get this polish made for a bride:

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