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LR Cursed Spear

LR has another weapon at the We Love Roleplay event which is also "cursed" and it is an long spear that comes with a shield with rune text on it.

Kitty can't wait to make the customization using the HUD and this is her first custom Cursed Spear, with dark blades and golden bronze colored shield. All these are in the sheath position seated comfortably on her back. But make no mistake, with the LR HUD she could draw it all with just a simple click or a simple "/1 draw spear" on the nearby chat and you are in for some nasty poking surprise.

The HUD for the Cursed Spear has some number of components which can be customized to different texture, giving you some great choices no matter what character you are roleplaying as.

You wanted to check out the spear closely? Here it is. If are you thinking of stealing it, Kitty is warning you mind lose an eye or both and this is cursed too. Some really bad things will happen to you that makes Game of Throne sound like a fairy tale to you. What? You did not know, this spear is on offer, so just grab your own at the event!

The shield has a big Warrior Gorean engraved on it and you can even change the text color using the provided HUD. What is the best is that this come free with each spear purchase and you do not pay for it separately!

Visit the We Love Roleplay Event today for a discount on the Cursed Spear:

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