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LR Cursed Machete

There are 2 new cursed weapons for the We Love Roleplay event from LR this month and one of them is a pair of awesome looking Machete that is not dagger, but sword damage. This mesh weapon even come with an optional belt for you to sheath your dangerous blades to, if you choose to.

Here is the blade nicely kept behind on the belt I mentioned. Of course if you like the belt to look otherwise, make sure you check out the HUD that that comes with the Machete. Do note that there are 2 HUD, one of which is common for all LR weapons and there is another which is just made for the Cursed Machete. 

I had to mention this HUD again because there are simply many options which allow you to customize the high quality textures on this Machete. From the laces to the blades and even the belt itself, there are plenty of choices for everyone.

Here is the customization which Kitty had made for a "dark Blade" which emphasize the "cursed" part of the Machete. It is said that whoever is wounded by it will have their souls taken. Better make sure Kitty do not cut herself. :)

Get your own Cursed Machete today at the We Love Roleplay event and not only is it at a discount, it is also "cursed" by default at this event:

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