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Glint Purple Flower Bracelet & Ring

The Purple Flower bracelet & ring from Glint is one of the 2 jewelery being sold at the Dazzle event and this is one price for 2 great piece of item!

One of the first thing you will notice is how well this set of Purple jewelery goes together with another item on sale from Glint - The Cherry Blossom Hair Comb. It has similar flower on both the bracelet and the ring that matches perfectly with the Hair Comb and they shines equally bright even in the board daylight!

The Purple Flower Bracelet and the Ring are separate items so even if you just want to put one of them one it is entirely possible! The jewelry also fits perfectly on mesh body and you can see how well it fit perfectly onto Maitreya here.

You can get the Purple Flower Bracelet & Ring at the June Dazzle event:

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