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Free Dove Mini Hunt June 2018

Another month and yet another hunt at Free Dove! This months bring 3 awesome mini hunts from Caramelo de Fresa, Alli & Ali Designs and Wellmade.

The Alli & Ali Designs mini hunt consits of 10 items and all of which are at the Free Dove Location. What is even more amazing is that ALL of the items are hair. We do know nobody will say no to another good hair!

WellMade features 10 pieces of trendy outfit for girls and there are 6 located in Free Dove and another 4 located at their Main Store. However, the group is required for WellMade to get the remaining 4, but at least it is free.

Caramelo de Fresa has 6 items at the Free Dove location as well. However, the other 4 are non-obtainable at the moment as their Main Store seems to be relocated or closed. Well, at least grab those 6 for now. Kitty will update you when they are up!

Start you Free Dove Mini Hunt today at:

Hint : Click on poster for the LM to their Main Store!

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