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Fortuna Earrings Gulabi

Fortuna is one of the store at Dazzle July and the Earrings Gulabi is the featured item in the store. It is a pair of big ringed earrings with 2 gems, one suspended in a rosy frame and the other hanging below. Both of these gems can be customized by one of the 8 colors and the metals comes in 3 colors as well.

The Pink / Red combination is easily one of the girl's favorite. Paired with a black metal, this looks really cool and since the theme for Dazzle July is Island and sand, this seems to be the perfect piece for the trip to the beach!

The HUD is easy to use, customizing the top and bottom gems and metal clearly by one of the displayed texture.

Kitty tries out another combination with Turquoise and Blue and a yellow metal ring. The Gulabi also sparkles very naturally without the use of face light as shown here.

Get the Gulabi at the Dazzle July Event:

Or visit the Fortuna Store at:

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