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Cygnus Designs Mauna Kea Dress

The Mauna Kea Dress from Cygnus Designs is a flowery one shoulder dress with 4 really attractive design build into one package.

The most stunning design Kitty would want to try out is the red version which feature large design of flowers and it is the perfect dress for a sunny day anywhere!

This is another design with flowers of yellow and white and you can tell this is a nice casual dress  which feels comfortable at all times. You can even feel the sea breezes all the way on your shoulder without catching a cold!

There is also a darker version with black backdrop scattered with leaves of green and flaming petals. Is is still a wonderful piece even in bright day light.

The last design is a cyan themed dress with white petals flowers throughout. The shoulder side still would give you plenty of air on your back for the tan as well as the breeze if you are visiting the sea.

Visit the Cygnus Designs booth at the Dazzle Event for this fabulous dress:

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