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Cygnus Designs Island Flower Dress

The Island Flower Dress from Cygnus Designs is a stunning red dress fitted for most mesh body and it is on sale at the Dazzle event now!

The theme for the June Dazzle is Cherry Blossom Extravaganza , so this is the perfect dress for a visit to the Japanese Garden! The red Island Flower dress fit right in for Kitty as the red shines brightly, with the pink belt giving it a perfect color synergy.  

Actually you can even call this a kimono, but it is so much easier to put on with only 1 piece, choosing the one that fit your mesh. For Kitty, she is using the Fitted mesh on her Maitreya. There are other version for other mesh bodies included as well.

The Island Dress is at Cygnus Designs booth at the Dazzle even and this dress is at 50% off now for $60L. Do not miss this great launch price:

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