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AvaGirl Sakura Pink

AvaGirl has another dress with the Dazzle June theme and it is the Sakura Pink. It is a simple but dashing dres with a stalk of gorgeous blossom crafted onto the dress.

The SAkura Pink comes fitted for many mesh bodies and in fact there is even a piece named "string" in the box which is essentially the little panty that prevent any unintentional exposure. Aren't you glad you are wearing the Sakura Pink sometimes.

The Sakura Pink can be casual and it is definitely a good choice if you feel a bit oriental for your mesh. It fits perfectly for the Maitreya as shown here and no mater what position you are in, it give you the comfort that there is no fitting issues.

Find the AvaGirl store at the Dazzle event for your Sakura Pink today:

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