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AvaGirl Sakura Lilac

The Sakura Lilac is one of the 3 dresses from AvaGirl for the Dazzle June event. The Sakura Lilac features a beautiful sakura bossom on a sexy but simple dress build for most mesh bodies.

There is no better dress than the Sakura Lilac to feel sexy and Japanese at the same time. Looks at how hot Kitty is even in such a cooling summer night. Do you want to sit with Kitty or what?

Here is a daylight shot of the Sakura Lilac. See how well fitted it is for the Maitreya. Absolutely no modification required. If case you are worried about upskirts, there is also a String provided to give you sufficient coverage in order to be decent. It is a perfect time to take a walk in the garden!

AvaGirl is at the Dazzle June event and you can find the Sakura Lilac and other great buys at:

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